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Concorde 2.0: AirBus recently patented its invention

Hypersonic Airbus

Airbus recently got its patent for its new hypersonic jet from US Patents and Trademark Office, The invention seems to be a revolution in transport sector. The new supersonic jet would be a successor to now retired Concorde. The new jet would progress  at a speed of Mach 4.5 i.e; 1531.305m/s or 3000mph.

The Airbus patent for an “ultra-rapid air vehicle and related method of aerial locomotion”shows a jet that would be powered by three different engines working together to get the craft up in the air, to its cruising altitude, and then to its insanely fast cruising speed.

The path of the hypersonic Airbus flight can be described as a “highest rollercoaster ride in the world

Hypersonic  Airbus

The patent application says that the aeroplane would use a variety of engines that would serve different purposes and power would come from hydrogen stored onboard. Two turbojets mounted under the fuselage would be used in conjunction with a rocket motor mounted at the rear so as to take off, and would ascend vertically more in the manner of a space shuttle than an airplane. The turbojets would then shut down and retract into the fuselage while the rocket engine would lift the aircraft to a cruising altitude of 1,00,000 feet. Once reaching 1,00,000 feet, hydrogen-powered ramjets which are more commonly seen on missiles, would launch the jet to its cruising speed.

Hypersonic Airbus Patent London to Newyork in 1 hour

The hypersonic jet could have both civilian and military applications. In civilian jet, the craft could serve as a private jet or as an airliner which can accommodate 20 passengers. The military variant, can serve as a hypersonic transport for military personnel or as a surveillance plane.

As the thing with majority of patented ideas, the proposed jet might ever enter production. However, the technology illustrated in the patent could make its way into Airbus’s other products.

Watch the video explanation from Patent Yogi:


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