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Amazon drone delivery, future plans revealed

Amazon drone
Amazon drone delivery system.

The patent application of Amazon for “ UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE DELIVERY SYSTEM”  was made public by USPTO on April 30, 2015.

The Patent application brings you some astonishing facts about the invention and insights about Amazon future plans. The patent mentions about a button “Bring It To Me” which uses GPS data from consumer’s device to locate and deliver the item to users present location and not the ordered location.

The patent application gives example of one instance where a user places order while at home and selects option to get delivered to their current location(delivery within 30 minutes) and leaves to other place.

The current location of the user is determined by user’s mobile GPS and delivery location is updates accordingly,  The delivery is not confined not only to land. The patent mentions about delivery on boats.

Amazon drone delivery

Claim number 5 is as follows:

A computer-implemented method, comprising: under control of one or more computing systems configured with executable instructions, receiving a request to deliver an item to a destination location; selecting an unmanned aerial vehicle; sending delivery parameters to the selected unmanned aerial vehicle; and autonomously delivering the item from a source location to the destination location with the selected unmanned aerial vehicle.

Access Amazon Drone delivery  patent application here.

In total the application has 20 claims.  Amazon now has to lobby with Aviation authorities in various countries to ease drone regulation norms. Amazon first revealed the results of Drone delivery testing in December, 2013.

Earlier in August last year, their were reports of Amazon planning to use India as a launch pad for testing its ambitious drone delivery system.  Reports also mentions Flipkart plans to use drone delivery system to deliver goods in rural areas

Last year May, 2014 a fake video surfaced showing a GPS enabled drone delivering pizza in Mumbai.

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