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Answer Time from Tumblr, to rival Reddit’s AMA.

Answer time Tumblr
Tumblr launches Answer Time.

Micro-blogging platform Tumblr which is owned by Yahoo! is now launching a Q&A platform of its own called Answer Time,  to rival Reddit’s Ask Me Anything platform, offering users one more way to connect with celebrities.  Reddit’s Ask Me Anything is popularly refered as AMA.

Answer time Tumblr

The blogging site will post a listing of various Answer Time sessions, some of which include pop-punk band Fall Out Boy and tumblr founder David Karp for its June lineup. Most personalities included in the forum will range from musicians, artists, actors, politicians, and other high-profile Internet celebrities. The session with Fall Out boy is scheduled on June 9.  At the alloted time, users can go to celebrity’s tumblr page and submit the questions live.

Using Tumblr’s built in ‘Ask boxes’, users can start asking questions to the featured celebrities two days ahead of their session.  Reddit is considered to be  championed the live question-and-answer format, bringing together its community members with everyone from Tim Berners-Lee to the founders of startup Rap Genius. In India Reddit’s AMA sessions featured several people from politicians to startup entrepreneurs.

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Earlier, Tumblr rolled out some much awaited features to its iOS app, one of which allows users to post video links into a blog. This is a much simpler technique than the earlier one which would require a user to embed the code. This feature will work with YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion or any other video-related site. According to a press release by Tumblr, this is the most requested feature by all users.

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that hosts 238.8 million pages. Yahoo acquired the site in May, 2013

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