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CloudWalker, a Mumbai-based startup enters Smart TV segment

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CloudWalker, a Mumbai-based tech start-up has earlier in the month of March launched a smart TV range under the brand name Cloud TV. The televisions are powered by Android-based unique CDE (Content Discovery Engine) which curates digital content available on the internet on Free, Premium or Freemium basis and also helps discover Apps that can be viewed on TV.  Powered by a unique UI which offers “Screen-Shift” method to toggle between Live TV and Digital TV, CloudWalker ultimately aims to enable every home to enjoy digital content on their TV.

Users can download any Android app directly on the TV or side-load from the browser that enables them to enjoy the content of their choice from thousands of options available on the internet. CloudWalker has developed a new android app for its Smart TVs known as CShare, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app helps to mirror cast their smartphone or TV to smartphone.

The televisions also come with a ‘super remote’ which has an inbuilt Air mouse plus IR function that helps you navigate all functions of the TV like switching channels, streaming content, browsing the internet and other functions by flicking your wrist. Further, one can use the phone as a remote, an air mouse, a wireless keyboard or for voice search. The televisions are available from 24-inch to 65-inch models with Ultra HD 4K, Full HD and HD resolution.

The flagship TVs comes equipped with an XLuminous display, Dolby Digital Sound, Bluetooth, dual-band Wi-Fi and AirPlay. The CloudTV range starts from as low as Rs 12,000 and goes up to Rs 1.35 lakh. Currently, the devices are exclusively available on Flipkart.

 CloudWalker Features:
  1. Watch Live TV & Digital Content on the same screen
  2. Downloads & Plays any Android App
  3. 4K UHD & XLuminous display for crystal clear picture
  4. Dolby Digital sound for an unmatched cinematic experience
  5. Super Remote for super control

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  • Dont buy this so called smart TV. The cloudwalker company management and flipkart management are smart and not this TV. This TV will get heated up within half an hour to 1 hour time when been watched continously. Then you need to turn it off to cool it down. When you buy this TV, buy also an air conditioner may be a 2 ton AC should be perfect and should be placed in such a way that it cools off the TV as its getting heated. Regarding picture quality, they say as 4k. Leave 4k its not even worth a normal branded TV. Looks like they have imported tv from china and named as cloud TV and tryig to sell in India. Their smart strategy is to buy defective items and rebrand in India. If you excess money, then you can try your luck.The lesson I learned by buying this TV is “Always go fo a branded item!!!