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Yahoo! Gemini Advertising credits

Yahoo Gemini Advertising free creidts

Yahoo! Gemini is a self-serve ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. It basically means that you can directly buy ads on Yahoo’s mobile ad inventory and that includes Yahoo’s web properties as displayed on a mobile device (both mobile phones and tablets).  The platform enables advertisers to couple the performance and power of search with the innovation of native advertising.  In native advertising, the advertisement is effectively formatted the same way as the platform on which it’s shown. The term ‘native’ (or in-stream) refers to the advertisements coherence with other content on the platform’s page.

Yahoo Gemini Advertising free creidts

Native ads run through the Yahoo! Gemini Ad Manager where you are able to create and manage campaigns. You will create a set of advertisements which can be dynamically integrated into Yahoo’s content.  The Ads can be served across a number of Yahoo’s own platforms, such as the Yahoo Homepage, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Movies (UK only) & Tumblr. With targeting options offered in the ad builder, you can target people with personalised content based on Interest and keyword targeting.

The ads’ various components can be dynamically compiled and served across the Yahoo platforms in a number of different ways depending on the device:

  • In Stream on Desktop Yahoo App on Yahoo Mobile Apps Homepage,
  • Slideshow,
  • Magazines & News on Yahoo Mobile Web
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Yahoo! Gemini is an additional mobile advertising opportunity as Yahoo’s search partnership with Microsoft is non-exclusive for mobile. Moreover, Yahoo has over 575 million active users per month and you might already know that you won’t get access to Yahoo’s native advertising via Bing Ads. Brands love native ads as it enjoys higher engagement and click-through rates than traditional display ads.

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