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Gmail Tips and Tricks you must know to benefit more

Gmail is the most popular free email service and is required by default on all android smartphones. The service from Google has more than 1.5 billion active users per month. However, do you know about the most amazing features of Gmail that can actually add a lot to your email experience? We have got these simple tips and tricks that most of you may not have come across yet.

Gmail Tricks: use unlimited email addresses by using dots (.) and plus (+)

Dots (.) don’t matter in Gmail addresses. The email service doesn’t recognize periods as characters in addresses and just ignores them even if you enter by error. So for example, if your email id is, you can also use aliases like,,, and so on to receive emails. All email alias versions belong to you and only you can access the emails addressed to those alias addresses.

Gmail Tips: Append plus (+) symbol in the end.

Append a plus (“+”) sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address and still receive emails in the same inbox. The actual benefit in being able to use so many aliases is that it makes it really easy to filter on those variants. For example, you could use when you sign up for some sort of online coaching and then set up a filter to automatically star, archive or label emails addressed to

Gmail tips tricks
Notice the + sign and the text thereafter. Also, notice the alert (Yes, this is you)

You can also use this feature when you register for a service and think they might share your information. For example, I once added “+phoenix” when I registered for an event at Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel and now I see marketing emails addressed to that email alias in my inbox. Probably they might have sold my data or simply spamming me with marketing emails. The great thing, they don’t know my actual email id. 😛

Gmail Tricks: use dot (.) and plus (+) together

You can also use both the features together and still receive the emails in one inbox without compromising your privacy. For example, from the above example, you can use, and so on to receive emails in the same inbox.

Use as another email id

Google initially had trademark issues in the UK as the term Gmail was already registered as a trademark by a different party and therefore offered in the country. The search engine giant settled the dispute and started offering services with but users across the world can still use as an alias to their original email id and securely receive emails in the same inbox

Gmail: Use all three tricks together!

You can also use all the three tricks stated above together and still receive emails in your inbox!!

gmail tricks and tips
Notice: I used + trick and trick at the same time and still receive the email.

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