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Google Announces Cybersecurity Action Team for Public and Private Organizations

Google Cybersecurity Action Team
Cybersecurity Action Team Logo

On October 12th, Google announced the Google Cybersecurity Action Team with the aim of supporting public and private sector organizations with their digital transformations. In a press release dated October 12th, the tech giant stated that the Google Cybersecurity Action Team is made up of experts from across the company, and this team will be the world’s premier security advisory team aiming to aid in and support the security and digital transformations of governments, critical infrastructure, enterprises, and small businesses.

The vision of the team is to guide all their consumers through the cycles of digital and security transformation, right from their first roadmap to transformation till the implementation. They aim to achieve this by maximizing their cyber-resilience preparedness for any potential incidents and also engineering solutions as per their requirements or important changes to be made. The press release has stated that the efforts of the team will first start with Google Cloud itself, while they build relationships with organizations of all sizes. They hope to evolve through this and bring Google Security to more and more organizations as they keep improving.

“To address these unprecedented security challenges facing organizations in every industry today, we are announcing the creation of the Google Cybersecurity Action Team. The Google Cybersecurity Action Team is part of our ongoing commitment to be the best partner for our enterprise and government customers along their security transformation journey.”

via Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, in the press rlease

More about the Google Cybersecurity Action Team

The Google Cybersecurity Action Team aims to fulfil its own mission and vision by providing specific services such as:

  • Strategic advisory services for customers’ security strategies, including transformation workshops and educational content. This function will advise customers on the structure of their digital security transformation and provide program management and professional services support.
  • Trust and compliance services that map our global compliance certifications to industry control frameworks, enabling customers to simplify their compliance journey.
  • Security customer and solutions engineering that deliver proven blueprints and architectures for deploying Google Cloud products and services securely and in accordance with regulatory requirements, as well as comprehensive solutions for autonomic security operations, cyber resilience and more.
  • Threat intelligence and incident response services, which include threat briefings, preparedness drills, incident support and rapid response engagements to stay on top of the evolving security landscape.

Threat protection has been the need of the hour, especially over the last year, where a lot of high-profile attacks such as the Colonial Pipeline incident, the Kaseya incident, etc. have taken place. Keeping this in mind, Google has already done a lot in terms of contributing resources towards better data protection and cybersecurity. Only recently, Google announced that they will contribute $10 billion over the next 5 years to expand zero trust programs, drastically improve cybersecurity, improving open-source security, and even training Americans to master skills related to digital security. Google has stated that the Google Cybersecurity Action Team is another such commitment to further enhance cybersecurity in the country and the world.

The team will deliver a full spectrum of security and customer engineering solutions that will help organizations and businesses address most of the digital challenges that they face in today’s world. The tech giant states that this project will add to the already existing initiatives like AUtomatic Security Operations, and even API and web app protection. API protection is very important in light of incidents like the LinkedIn data breach. OWASP also recently released their updated top 10 list for web app security vulnerabilities as well. With the need for improved cybersecurity in almost all areas of the digital space, an initiative like this will help boost cyber-awareness and cybersecurity in all industries.

“Customers need a consistent approach to preparing for and defending against cybersecurity threats. Our comprehensive suite of security solutions delivered through our platform and amplified by the Google Cybersecurity Action Team will help protect organizations against adverse cyber events with capabilities that address industry frameworks and standards.”

via Phil Venables, Founder of the Google Cybersecurity Action Team, through the press release

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