News Technology – India has 8 Lakh active users India has helped over 800 thousand Indians get online, a report from Facebook said.The company shared numbers regarding project in India, where the app is currently supported in seven telecom circles out of 20 telecom circles.

The report also said that 20 percent of users were previously not active on mobile data and that their app has helped more new people come online.

The social network giant also says that does not restrict or limit connectivity and said that their platform ended up serving as a platform to boost overall Internet usage. According to the data, the new internet users acquired by used only 7 percent of data from (including Free Facebook, wikipedia etc).

Facebook claims that these new users are now consuming more than 100MB per month outside of in India was launched in India in association with Reliance Communications (RCOM) in early February 2015 and is available in seven telecom Circles of Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat,  Chennai, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Facebook plans to extend the services to the rest of the country has faced criticism in light of the Net Neutrality debate in India with critics pointing out that being a zero-rating app, it violates the principle. Others have said that restricts access to services for users and creates a walled-garden and that it won’t really help the poor get online.

However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in facebook post has defended the programme saying that can co-exist with Net Neutrality as the app platform is free and open to all developers and is increasing market reach. Using, users can access sites Facebook, Bing Search, BBC India, wikiHow, OLX, ESPN Cricinfo,  Jagran,

Facebook, earlier claimed to have 800 million active users in 9 countries. The ambitious program aims at bringing 5 billion users to online in partnership with giants like Qualcomm,  Ericsson, Mediatek, Opera, Reliance, Airtel.


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