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Semrush new features and tools 2021


Semrush is a leading platform that provides tools to increase your visibility and will provide you with analysis of your content and how you can do better. An online small business’ important trait is to decrease their costs while generating more and more revenue. Visibility of small businesses to internet users is a phenomenon which has the potential to boost sales. If an online eco-friendly bag maker is producing quality Tote Bags and no one except their existing customer base knows about the business, the potential to grow is near to zero. Similarly, a website’s performance depends not only on the content it harbours but also on the visibility it gets. If a website has important and useful content for college going students and only the creators and 10 other odd people know about the website, it does not mean growth either. Say a short story author gets rejected by different publishers and finally creates his own website and publishes the content on it. Is that it? Will they get their fame? No. They would need people to read it, hundreds and thousands of people. Visibility is what these websites’ requirement and Semrush helps you get just that!

We have listed few reasons as to why anyone who is looking for more visibility and more web traffic onto their website should use Semrush.

Semrush Offers A Super Powerful Keyword Manager

Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] scares small business owners. It sure looks like a complex procedure while it is just a way to get our website as a thing that appears on the first page of the search engine after someone searches on their browser with a word that we have chosen. However, we need to know which word to use and which word to not use in our keywords or to not put a most commonly used word so that our website does not get lost in thousands of other websites in Page 11. It is here SEMRUSH comes into picture.

It has a keyword database of 20 billion. Yes! It is the largest keyword database in the entire SEO market. This Keyword manager lets you see what links appear when a keyword is entered, in which country the keyword is entered the most and what questions are asked with that keyword and much more. It also lets you analyse almost 100 keywords on these metrics so that you can chose your preferred keyword. Another inherent feature of Semrush’s keyword manager is that it suggests you the keywords which you have not chosen but have the potential to drive organic traffic to your website. Super Cool, isn’t it

2. Know your competitor better.

Domain and Sub-Domain level analysis is something Semrush boasts off, so that you need not analyse the entire website.  Sometimes, it becomes important to gauge what your competitors are doing so that you understand what to do in order to maintain your leadership position or to climb up the ladder in the search results. Say, your competitor boasts of millions of traffic to their website. What Semrush will tell you about that domain is that amount of traffic which is paid for and the amount of traffic which is organic, the keyword driven traffic to their website, the amount of advertising your competitor is doing and much more. Thus, you can understand the areas which you will have to improve and the areas which you would need to spend on etc.

A feature called Market Explorer gives you insights into the performance of industry leaders and other players. It also divides players into Growth Quadrant (Leaders, Gamechanger, Niche players, Established players) so that you choose with whom you want to be compare yourself with. You can do so with domains from not only your region but 190 countries and regions

3. Consolidated Analytics tool for Social Media

When you upload a social media post on Instagram, it asks whether you want it to be posted on Facebook also. Although that is your choice, for those who post ads on Facebook and Instagram, it is a hassle to surf through both websites, understand analytics etc. Semrush’s social media tool lets you analyse content of all your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn at one stop. They also lets you see the posts that have experienced most engagement and the ones which have experienced reports, getting hidden etc. This will help you in understanding which type of posts should be avoided. The tools help you launch, and manage ads within the entire Facebook family of Applications and Networks (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and the Audience Network platforms) directly from one place.

Semrush 2021 new tools
4. Semrush Listing Management meets Advanced tools.

Making sure your business appears in directories is as important as choosing keywords. A person near your drug store searches for medicines on the internet and if they cannot find your store on google, that is a loss of potential business. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your business is existent on all these directories. You don’t have to check reviews of your place on Facebook and Google business separately because you can do so from one place from Semrush. It also gives an option of tracking your business’ rank among your peers in the area

5. Hire expert writers

Got an important job assignment to work on and don’t want to stop uploading daily dose of content to your website? Or you wanted to add descriptions to your products but got caught up with something else? Fear not, Semrush has got you covered with their new roll out called Content Marketplace where you can order for your content from Professional Content Writers. These orders can include main content, product descriptions or anything. You also can order a press release and get it written for you. If you want to go backpacking to a remote area and is concerned about the creation of website content, here is your solution. Go book those tickets now! In addition to this, their content marketplace tools also allow you to browse high quality images so that you don’t have to worry about the blurry looking photo from google images

6. Semrush is more than SEO assistance.

Yes! You read it right. A website performance is also dependent on the data it harbours. Therefore, Semrush’s site audit tool will analyse your website’s wellness and will suggest any betterment ideas for the website. From your JavaScript and CSS issues to loading speed, from Content Issues to Internal Linking, the SiteAudit tool by SEMRUSH scans for more than 130 metrisc to rank in your website. If you wrote about Trump’s impeachment in your latest article and forgot to interlink about an article on violence in Capitol, SEMRUSH will help you in noticing such flaws. We know right! Super Cool!

Taking every opportunity to grow and excel at what we do is what makes winning possible. If you want to excel at creating content and influencing hundreds and thousands, taking some help from the best is a must! We all use computer shortcuts for permanently deleting, cutting, copying, pasting, undoing and what not. They are efficient, makes work easy and life easier. Similarly, Semrush is an accessible platform which will make your online presence visible and your website vibrant.

Of course, these are only some of the important things offered Semrush we have listed out here . There are many more options and tools the platformoffers. Go, check them

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