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The Evolution of a Budget Smartphone : Asus Zenfone Go


Do you that India is the world’s second largest smartphone user base next only to China? However, the Indian market still has a sizeable feature phone users. Over the past few years, feature phone users are slowly upgrading towards budget smartphones. This particular segment of smartphones has come a long way and is today giving a tough competition to feature phones. Here are a few ways in which the budget smartphones have evolved over the past few years and climbed up the popularity charts:

Design and Appeal – During the early years of the smartphone revolution, the budget smartphones were bulky with a very synthetic appeal that made them look unattractive and used to often indicate that they belonged to low budget segment. In addition to this, users until a few years ago had very limited options when it came to personalising their smartphones. The budget smartphones often used to come only in one colour and anyone wanting to purchase a smartphone in that category had to opt for that one standard model. However, consumers soon emerged to demand a phone that suited their individuality, making it necessary to offer variety and personalization options in the budget segment too. Today’s Smartphones are actually a reflection of a person’s personal style and smartphone makers should be mindful of the fact that users like to sport phones that have a premium appeal and help them make a fashion statement irrespective of the price.

Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 2nd Generation with a metallic hairline finish, measures only 3.6 mm at its thinnest edge. The smartphone is available in six peppy colours – Pearl White, Glamour Red, Lemon Yellow, Glacier Grey, Sheer Gold, and Silver Blue. With a metallic hairline finish, the smartphone looks premium and classy and offers a rear key for intuitive one hand control making it really user-friendly.

Six Colour variants!

Camera – During the late 2000’s the camera in a smartphone is a luxury aspect and is limited to high-end phones. Over the years, we have evolved to the world, that wishes to express itself through pictures. While the earliest budget smartphones provided a really low-end camera, it did not benefit the users as they were unable to take pictures that they could share with the world. Hence, while the budget smartphones provided functionality, they lacked the experience. However, evolution in consumer preference has led to even budget smartphones offer good quality cameras that enable people to capture their memories and share them with others.

Zenfone Go 4.5 2nd Generation is available in two camera variants i.e; 0.3 MP + 5 MP or 2 MP + 8 MP front and rear respectively. With path-breaking PixelMaster technology, Asus Zenfone Go offers important features like backlight (HDR) mode, low-light mode, zero shutter lag and beautification modes for improved pictures.

Asus Zenfone Go
Camera Options

Performance – During the initial days budget smartphones offered a low-end performance and the performance gap between mid-range and high-end smartphones and budget smartphones was very easily noticeable, which made the segment seem undesirable. However, this changed soon. Changing lifestyles of the consumers mandated that the smartphones offer specifications that made them capable enough to aid the users’ on-the-go lifestyles. Lags and performance issues are strictly prevented in today’s budget smartphones.

Zenfone Go 4.5 2nd generation comes with a 1 GB RAM and Qualcomm Quad-core processor is best suited to multi-task without facing lags. On the sound front, Asus Zenfone Go comes with an innovative combination of noise suppression (NS) and linear-echo-cancellation (LEC) technology which together work on clearing out audio rebound and reduces background noise to a minimum.

Asus Zenfone

Battery – It was very common to notice users searching for a plug point to charge their early generation budget smartphones. Their batteries were simply unable to support the users’ daily usage. Consumers today are connected to the internet 24/7 through social media channels, emails etc. At the same time, consumers are also using their smartphones as their primary entertainment devices making them the source of their music listening and movie watching experience. This evolution has made it important for budget smartphones to sport batteries that have the potential to power the users’ daily activities without any interruptions.

With a 2,070 mAh massive battery Asus Zenfone Go gives users the freedom to operate their phones for longer duration without charging.

Price – While their very categorization has mandated that they remain priced justly, the features and specifications offered by the earlier smartphones were unable to justify the price. In other words, the smartphones were unable to offer specifications that were suited for that particular price. This is in stark contrast to the smartphones today that provides high-end specifications at the price of a budget smartphone.

With splendid looks and strong performance to match, the Zenfone Go 4.5 2nd Generation is available with two different camera specifications for the following price:

  • 3 MP + 5 MP (front + rear) priced at Rs. 5,299
  • 2 MP + 8 MP (front + rear) priced at Rs. 5,699

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