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Google patent application for creepy toys


Google Child toys patent application

A patent application was filed by Google for toys that pay attention to who is in a room and can interact with other media devices. The patent was named as “AGENT INTERFACES FOR INTERACTIVE ELECTRONICS THAT SUPPORTS SOCIAL CUES”

The search engine giant’s patent application was made public when US Patent and Trademark Office shared diagrams depicting what resembled rabbit and bear toys with microphones in their ears, cameras in their eyes, speakers in their mouths and motors in their necks.

Google patent creepy toys

The patent application  which was filed  on 28, Feb 2012 was discovered by legal technology firm SmartUp. Privacy campaigners described this patent as one of the creepiest patent filed by Google.

The smart devices were described as being able turn a head to make “eye contact”, to listen for someone, hear what they say and respond with pre-recorded phrases.

Google toys patent application here

The toys can  communicate wirelessly using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other means with cloud-based computers or manage other media devices, perhaps turning on songs or movies at children’s commands. The paperwork proposes that such a toy-like device could serve as an “intelligent remote control”  and can manage home entertainment or automation systems simple.

“The anthropomorphic device may be a toy or a doll that resembles an animal, a human,  a mythical creature or an inanimate object,” the patent application mentioned.

The toys could also be included with face and voice recognition, making the devices able to recognize who they were “looking at,” paperwork said.

The  patent application by technology giant listed Daniel Aminzade and Richard Wayne DeVaul  as inventors.

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