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Twitter Rumoured to Launch Stickers Soon.

Twitter Stickers

Twitter, the micro-blogging website is reportedly testing a new feature with limited users that will allow you to add stickers to photos before uploading. Earlier Facebook added an option to add stickers to photos and Snapchat allows adding emoji’s to photos. The report first appeared in Re/code.

Kurt Wagner from Re/code reported that Twitter may call the new feature “Stickers”, but added that there are other names under consideration as well, such as Taptags, Stickits and Stamptags. The report added that more than the stickers in photos, the micro-blogging website will also let users see “how others from around the world have edited the same photo,” and will also “suggest photos that you can edit and post to participate in trending conversations and breaking news.”

Re/code mentioned a twitter spokesperson saying, “We’re always researching potential new ways to make Twitter more expressive.”  As of now, there is no word when the feature to add stickers to the photos will be available to all users.

Twitter celebrated its 10th anniversary

Twitter recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, in a blog post said that now there are 320 million users including various celebrities with majority 254 million are outside the United States. The blog also mentions that the platform sees 500 million tweets per day and 200 billion tweets every year. Appearing on a TV show last week, Dorsey said that the 140-character limit is “a beautiful constraint” and that Twitter will never change that feature. Last month the social network revamped its timeline algorithm, allowing the “best” tweets to rise to the top.

China’s blogging platform QZone has an estimated 653 million users and Yahoo-owned Tumblr 555 million. Google+ claims more than 400 million users. Twitter is now a distant competitor to Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp and Chinese based QQ.  Among 2016 White house contenders Republican Donald Trump has around seven million followers while his nearest rival Ted Cruz has 944,000, while democrat Hillary Clinton has nearly 5.7 million followers while nearest democrat rival Bernie Sanders has 1.7 million.

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