Youtube Video Editor & Photo Slideshow tools to be terminated

Youtube Video Editor terminated

YouTube has announced the retirement of Video Editor and Photo Slideshows tools on its platform. Google community manager Marissa announced the news on Google Product Forum Page for Youtube. The primary reason cited for the discontinuation is the limited use of these features by the content creators.

The features will discontinue from September 20 and users. Youtube content creators can download their own videos from YouTube in 720p or use Google Takeout to retrieve their original files.

Google further clarified that not all editing tools will disappear from the YouTube platform. Users can still continue to utilize the Enhancements feature, which can be found in the Video Manager section. Enhancements are allowed for edits like trimming, blurring, and filters.

“We’ve seen a limited usage of these features, so we’re retiring them to focus our efforts on building new tools and improving on other existing features,” says community manager Marissa on a Google Product Youtube Forum page.

Those who still have pending projects on Video editor or photo slideshow option should finalize them before September 20.

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